Phillips & Cohen Associates International, the industry’s only multi-national probate recovery specialist, launches the first comprehensive on-line portal for consumer self-service estate account management. Estate-Serve℠ allows Executors, Administrators and other authorized individuals (“Estate Managers”) to manage the estate account process in a secure online environment. It includes features such as authorized party confirmation, balance verification, complete account negotiation and resolution as well as access to informational and support resources. As the industry continues to face mounting regulatory concerns, Estate-Serve℠ offers the ideal, proactive solution by systematically ensuring compliance at every step in the process. With 24/7 access, real-time account analytics and interactive functionality, Estate-Serve℠ offers convenience, value and compliance to both Estate Managers and creditors.

“As leaders in compassionate recovery we recognize that every interaction with a customer represents an opportunity to help make a difficult time easier and to protect our client’s brand,” said Matt Phillips, Co-Chairman and CEO at Phillips & Cohen Associates. “Estate-Serve℠ is another example of our continued focus on enhancing customer experience.”

Adds Howard Enders, Esq., President at Phillips & Cohen Associates, “Estate-Serve℠ is more than just an online payment portal…it provides Estate Managers unprecedented access and functionality without having to speak to an agent. This alternative channel of communication gives Estate Managers a choice of contact points while protecting the rights and revenue of our clients in their probate portfolios.”

Estate-Serve℠ officially launches in the US on February 1st with a number of Phillips & Cohen Associates’ clients, with many others already in the pilot phase. The self-service portal will become available in the UK and Canada by the 2nd Quarter of 2013. Designed and operated by Phillips & Cohen Associates and powered by CMC’s Flex Collect® software, Estate-Serve℠ is fully customizable based on client requirements and requested features.

In addition to this revolutionary system, Phillips & Cohen Associates will continue offering its suite of Deceased Account Care programs including industry-leading EstateSource℠, a comprehensive estate identification and claim management program, Authorized Party ID℠ and its Special Sensitivity Monitor.

With the release of this virtual portal, Phillips & Cohen Associates further demonstrates its commitment to innovation and compliance. “With key focus on brand protection, compliance and customer experience, innovations such as Estate-Serve℠ will continue to be an integral component of this industry. We expect this channel to continue to grow, and as it does will we continually evaluate our program analytics to ensure that we are offering the most relevant and effective programs on the market,” stated Phillips. “Secure, convenient, comprehensive online tools are the wave of the future and we are committed to continually setting the standard for our clients and their customers.”

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. pioneered the compassionate deceased care recovery market by helping companies successfully manage complex estate debt situations and resolve them in a manner that preserves the dignity of affected individuals. The company’s clients range from mid-sized firms to leading national and international creditor and banking institutions. Phillips & Cohen Associates serves the consumer credit industry, banking and loan marketplace, as well as specialized industries including healthcare, utility, education, and telecom. The company has five regional offices in the United States and two international offices in the UK and Canada.