As the leader in deceased care recovery services, Phillips & Cohen Associates was the first company to offer many of the processes that now define compassionate care and brand protection.

A Significant Challenge

Hospitals and healthcare systems are especially susceptible to significant exposure for unpaid debts from deceased individuals. Today, patients are responsible for almost 25% of their hospital bills (with hospitals writing off over half of those charges). And nearly 80% of true self pay charges are currently being written off.  Unpaid charges associated with deceased individuals represent a significant challenge for hospitals and require a specialized recovery process that incorporates rigorous training for the special circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one.

A Specialist

Phillips & Cohen Associates deceased care specialists have the experience and expertise to identify, locate, and resolve deceased accounts. We have the ability to analyze patient records in medical system data files and identify deceased individuals to ensure that all accounts are handled expeditiously and cost-effectively with the highest level of compassion appropriate to the circumstances.

With strict adherence to HIPAA compliance regulations for health information privacy and security, Phillips & Cohen Associates can contact survivors and initiate recovery procedures.

Individual Treatment

We can relieve the administrative burden immediately by identifying the accounts that require deceased care. Our proprietary data resources allow us to quickly locate and identify estates and properly file the appropriate claims in the correct jurisdictions to protect our clients’ rights.

As part of our comprehensive deceased account care treatment, we identify probated estates with EstateSource™, our comprehensive estate location and recovery resource. EstateSource offers our clients a proactive strategy for uncovering and protecting assets during the resolution of probated estates.

We contact individuals through a variety of means based on unique scoring models and segment identification procedures and employ different recovery protocols and approaches based on our proprietary metrics.

A significant advantage of working with Phillips & Cohen Associates is our extensive training program for the employees in our deceased care recovery services specialty. In addition to adhering to the highest standards of respectful approach to survivors, we include grief training for our personnel and even have certified grief counselors available for immediate survivor support whenever we contact individuals.

A Qualified Partner

Phillips & Cohen Associates has the operational expertise, technical resources, and trained personnel required to effectively recover the debts owed to your hospital or facility. Simultaneously, we act in the most professional manner at all times to protect your brand in the healthcare marketplace.

We understand the sensitivity involved in the most trying circumstances involving costs associated with end of life debts. Our deceased care experience is a significant advantage for healthcare providers who find that outsourcing deceased account debt recovery to Phillips & Cohen Associates can deliver a healthier bottom line.

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